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Four Seasons comes to Moscow

I have written before of my loyalty to St Petersburg (“A tale of two cities” – here), and it is fitting that the city is home to one of VIYM’s leading projects: the Four Seasons Lion Palace hotel. However, it has not escaped my notice that Moscow too has now joined the Four Seasons club, with its own hotel under the top Canadian brand.

St Petersburg and Moscow are both traditionally the culture and leisure capitals of Russia. Four Seasons is almost unique amongst the hotel chains to have succeeded in establishing a presence within the two cities.

The opening of the new hotel comes at a time when some feel there is little to celebrate in the world of Russian investment. But this development in the Hotel Moskva – just as iconic a landmark for Moscow, as the Lion Palace is for St Petersburg – will be welcome to all who want to see great brands established in the Russian market.

At the recent Reuters Global Investment Outlook Summit, one attendee noted that Russian assets remain attractive, since people will continue to purchase and consume certain basic products such as washing powder, shampoo, and beer, regardless of the momentary economic conditions. Similarly, I would argue that those with a taste for luxury will continue to need somewhere to lay their heads at night, even if it is in Moscow and not in St Pete’s.

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