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Andrey Yakunin (Андрей Якунин) is a London-based investor who runs VIY Management (VIYM)a private equity growth capital and real estate investment firm. VIYM is predominantly investing in the mid-market business hotel sector in Russia and the CIS. It is also involved in SMEs in the consumer, retail, natural resources and construction market space.

Andrey is an internationally experienced operator in the hotel sector, having led the redevelopment of St.Petersburg’s largest hotel and constructed the city’s first indoor water park, the largest in Russia. He is a pioneer of the mid-market business hotel sector in Russia, partnering with a number of internationally recognised hotel brands to bring international standards to mid-market hotels in Russia. With the majority of hotel investment now flowing East to West, Andrey is working against the trend, increasing international financing into the Russian hotel market through investment in robust and profitable opportunities.

Andrey wants to create long-term global development and investment into Russia. He is therefore pushing for the legislation of international business structures and the development of skills and expertise of talented young Russians to further connect Russia with the international business community.

Andrey has an EMBA joint degree from London Business School and Columbia University GSB, and a PhD in Finance and Credit from St. Petersburg State University. He is the Chair of the National Alternative Investment Management Association (NAIMA) in Russia, a non-profit partnership seeking to promote Russian private equity and venture capital as an asset class. He was also recently appointed as the President of the St Petersburg State University alumni association.

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