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Russia: A Business Opportunity Wrapped in a Mystery?

Despite a slight softening of business performance in recent months, experts have concluded that overall the environment in Russia is promising and that concerns felt by outside entities exceed those of companies currently operating in the region. A panel event on investment into Russia at the Milken Institute’s annual conference earlier this year saw a fruitful discussion on past, present and future issues facing the business environment in Russia. 

In the context of a dynamic socio-economic and political landscape in Ukraine, the participants (Alexander Kovaler, GNC Russia; Steven Hellman, Head of Credit Suisse Russia & CIS; Mikhail Kuchment, Hoff; James Gansinger, Subway Russia; and Dmitry Schuetzle of VIY Management) shared their personal accounts of engaging with Russia and the CIS, and provided exclusive insight on how current geopolitical standing is affecting the commercial situation on the ground in Russia. In Gansinger’s words, Russia presents a “huge opportunity” with “lots of bumps in the road” where “patience, perseverance and a long term outlook” are key to success.

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